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We have an unfair advantage with access to research, insights and media to reimagine how you create wealth. We know what residents of today and tomorrow want, thus maximizing opportunities and reducing risk in each asset. The best service we provide our partners is the real estate we don't buy.


The apartment industry has been disrupted. Innovation is about getting better. It’s never been about technology. We bring Multifamily Real Estate fundamentals together with innovation, leadership, and technology to create value today and tomorrow in Multifamily.


It's one thing to create wealth, it's another to keep it. In order to grow, we have to maintain adequate cash reserves. We are defining an entirely new category of Multifamily Investing, one that focuses on innovation strategies to create net income growth and capital appreciation.

We think differently and go beyond the obvious.

Would you finance a car dealership today with proformas looking out 15 years knowing what you know about the innovation happening in the auto industry? Self-driving cars, the disruption of the dealership model, and the ability to buy cars online. I hope not, and you shouldn’t be looking at the same old proformas when it comes to Multifamily. National hotel chains didn’t see Airbnb coming, and that impacted many investors’ projected returns. Every company is looking for access to the customer. We are tracking the customer of the future and how that impacts renting behavior in Multifamily.

On the other hand, our founders’ approach to managing apartment portfolios gives us the discipline to look at each deal as a strategic business unit driving optimal cash flow in good and recessionary markets.

We invest in Apartments and Focus on Innovation Appreciation.

Nothing good happens when you force it. We don’t force appreciation, we innovate appreciation. When the markets shift, innovation is just getting better. Yeah, that’s the Net Operating Income. It’s our job to make it better – in any market.




Asset Management

We've Created a Platform for Multifamily Success

A Founders Approach

Legacy operating principles for generating revenue, leading teams, and keeping cash.

Modern Technology & Innovation

We innovate when it improves the lives of customers - not to chase shiny tech.

Strong Asset Management

We blend the money eyes with the real estate eyes to deliver great returns for partners.

Everything we're doing is where everything is going.

Innovative industry partners come to us to introduce new products to the apartment industry. This gives us a vision of what is coming to Multifamily. We also extract the knowledge from top-level executives operating some of the industry’s most successful companies in Multifamily – we share that knowledge across our network so that forward-thinking leaders can access knowledge anywhere they access a screen.

Disruption is happening in more places than you think. You will be hearing a lot of noise in the marketplace around technology and innovation over the coming months. We are defining an entirely new category of Multifamily Investing.

Our Access to Innovation & Technology

We showcase the most innovative brands in Multifamily. ExhibitorHall.com is for Investors who are looking for a better way to learn about technology.

Streaming Platform for Investment Training

We show people how to Invest, Innovate, and Lead in Multifamily on MultifamilyStudios.com. It's like Netflix, for Multifamily.

We do Research on what Drives NOI

We produce the National Best Places to Work Multifamily® research and awards program. We have the data on what drives yields in assets.

High Level Multifamily Events & Masterminds

We produce the highest level events in Multifamily around Investments, Operations, Innovation, and Women's Leadership.

We are helping more Women become Multifamily Investors

Patrick and Carrie have created the highest level event in the housing industry with the annual Multifamily Leadership Summit. Entering its sixth successful year, the Multifamily Leadership Summit is expanding its efforts to unchartered territory, offering an educational event that focuses exclusively on women in the multifamily housing industry. Patrick and Carrie are honored and excited to share this platform with all men and women in the multifamily industry to encourage discussions that will elevate women and their role within the industry, while showcasing how they will continue to shape the future of the business itself.


We are a Multifamily broadcast media company with a studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We give the apartment industry access to ideas and experts from the comfort of their homes.