Home sharing on Airbnb for Multifamily Owners and Residents

Kayla Neller is the Director for Program Management at Migo. With over a decade of experience in all facets of the real estate and multifamily industry, she has now launched hundreds of short-term rentals across multifamily.

Richard Chandler has his background in hospitality. Now at Migo as the Director of Product and Data, he’s able to merge that experience with the expertise of multifamily professionals such as Kayla. Short-term rentals are a mix of hospitality and multifamily, so his experience is invaluable.

Migo partners with Airbnb to make flexible, short-term rentals a reality for multifamily properties. They aim to make the process simple and easy and guide operators through the pitfalls of loaning out apartments for short periods of time. Migo is a part of RealPage, a real estate and property management company.

This episode discusses:

  • How to regulate home sharing and short term rentals to keep risks low
  • Who is really wanting to take advantage of being able to rent out their own apartment when they’re not around
  • How easily the management and regulation can be handled
  • Why property owners and residents both want to rent out their apartments while they aren’t there
  • That 65% of AirBnB rentals already takes place in multifamily, despite the risk of being evicted
  • How to tackle cleaning and quality to make sure short term rentals are kept to a high standard, which is already the #1 most common complaint on AirBnB
  • How to help residents make the best of renting out their apartment

Kayla Neller

Director for Program Management at Migo

Richard Chandler

Director of Product and Data

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