Build to Rent – What will the Impact be with Horizontal Apartment Development

Today we had the chance to interview Todd Wood, CEO of Christopher Todd Communities. Although his background may have been in bread production, he gained valuable insight into business in the process. He is now taking these learnings and applying them to the real estate and multifamily industries and challenging the current status quo.

Christopher Todd Communities is built around an innovative product: the single story rental community (SSRC). They take built-to-rent to another level, building complete higher-end communities of separate homes to rent. The new approach is now changing how investors and local government look at new developments.

Key Topics:

  • What the #1 complaint is from multifamily residents
  • Why being pet friendly is so important to renters
  • How Single Story Rental Communities (SSRC) reduce friction for previous homeowners that are now looking to rent
  • How an SSRC compares to a standard multifamily property in construction, rents, costs, and more
  • The fact that SSRCs are getting approval from local government faster and are encouraged to build more
  • Why it’s important to be different in any investment, including multifamily
  • Why SSRCs are better than apartments or individual rental homes
  • How quickly the momentum behind SSRCs has built up compared to expectations
  • Why building a strong brand will make a bigger difference than a focus on operations

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